The Truth About Your Skin

We hear every day about your skin different tips on how to maintain healthy skin
and how to deal with it daily. Here’s a compilation of the major gestures you need to do if you want to preserve a glowing complexion.

1-    Protect your skin from sun damage:

The sun can do much more damage than simply give you a painful sunburn. Dermatologists say that prolonged exposure to sunlight causes brown spots; drying and wrinkling; and, worst of all, skin cancer.

So the first thing you must do before exposing your skin to sunlight is to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before the exposure so the skin can absorb it!

2-    Healthy food:

We can’t stop talking about eating healthy because it’s the secret to have a radiant skin. You need to drink a lot of water to keep your body hydrated and preserve a youthful skin.

Fruit and vegetables are also foods that protect your skin, unlike sweet and fatty food that can cause adverse skin reactions so balanced diet is the key to healthy skin.

3-    Avoid chemicals:

Skin care products and other cosmetics are mainly composed of harmful chemical products and many people don’t pay attention to the ingredients used in the composition of the product before buying it because they are blinded by false advertising and beautiful (retouched) girls on the packaging. So don’t ever forget that these chemicals can cause irreversible damages!

4-     Relax:

Reducing stress helps you to look younger, so don’t stress and fiddle for something futile. Stay calm, think positive, rest your body and promotes good sleep.

There’s nothing better than a restorative sleep to wake up with a fresh about your skin and a beautiful relaxed face without dark circles!

How to Care For Dark Skin

The dark skin is more sensitive and rougher than white skins, and it is important to know a few details to take care of it dark skins are thicker and oilier. In fact, they often tend to lead to imperfections.

We always have dozens and dozens of articles about caring for white skin, but it is true, a lot less can help treat various problems of black skins, which are still quite special since they are thicker and oilier. In fact, they often tend to lead to imperfections that we would be okay, whether it is a little too much sebum, or hyperpigmentation. So today, we will help the world of black skin by giving you some tips so you can take care despite their specificity.

Important information

What you should know is that a black skin is a totally deregulated cell function, in order to adapt to the climate. We obtained a rough, dry skin that needs only one thing: hydration. As you have realized, it is a type of incredibly sensitive skin so things must be done gently. Prefer scrubs that are non-abrasive, and this only once a week! Because the essential oils to moisturize the skin. And the more it will be, the less you suffer the ordeal of all dead skin.

What about sun?

It’s not because you have dark skin you can afford not to protect from the sun! So opt for a treatment that is at least capable of protecting you 30, and if you prefer to rise to 50 don’t hesitate, harmful rays don’t differentiate between people, and they are equally dangerous for everyone. If you fear the rendering of a white cream to protect your skin, opt for a tinted sunscreen.


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