Slender V Shaper

৳ 4,450.00 ৳ 3,490.00

Special Features:

Burn fat and build muscles.
Improve blood circulation
5 Speed Vibration and Heat.
Able used to massage & shape the entire body.
Easy to use Target any part of your body, such as waist, back, hips arms and legs.

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Slender V Shaper Fat Burner in Bangladesh

There are many sites online that offer fat burner in Bangladesh. Some of these sites offer a simple description of a product, while other sites off actual reviews from previous customers. If you want to find out about the benefits of a slimming products in Bangladesh can be very helpful.  Slender V Shaper Waist Massager Belt are shaping outfits that give a slimming effect to the body parts that carry extra flab and as a result you look slim and sexy.

Specifications of slimming products in Bangladesh:

Input: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Output: DC 24V 1A
Watts: 25V
5500-7500 rotating/each minute
Electric slims massage belt
Slimming massage belt
Massage slimming belt
Belt slims massage
Slimming belt
Fat reducing waist massage belt
Abdominal belt
Slender shaper belt
Belt stomach massage
Slimming massage belt
OEM massage slimming belt
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