OMA-5320CA Treadmill

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Products Brand Name : OMA
Model Number : 5320CA
Manufacturing Country : China
Shipping : Free
Installation Charge : Free
Servicing Warranty : 2 Years

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Best Treadmill for Running in Bangladesh

There are some special considerations for using best treadmill for running, since you will have the ability to accurately monitor and adjust such things as speed and gradient. These will allow you to work specifically on areas such as cardio-training or fat-burning, by adjusting the difficulty of the run to attain the optimum heart rate – so it is always a good idea to use a heart rate monitor in conjunction with the electric treadmill. It is advisable to check your monitor occasionally, but not to be too obsessive about it. If you are constantly craning your neck to look at the readout, you are certainly not maintaining a good and correct running posture, which can tire you needlessly or lead to strained muscles.

Very lightweight running shoes are ideal for the best treadmill for running in Bangladesh, because you will not need heavy padding to protect your feet – the deck of the machine will have built in shock absorbers to prevent you from picking up any impact injuries, so you can concentrate on running efficiently instead.

Why Use ?

Perhaps the most outstanding feature of the best treadmill for running is the multitude of different programs they offer. To really benefit from your treadmill running machine, get to know all of these pre-programmed routines, and what they are designed to work on. It is very easy for your body to get accustomed to doing the same exercise routine over and over again. Once that happens, you will not derive as much value, so it always pays to vary your exercise schedules. Try a cross country program if there is one on your machine; it will take you on a “virtual” run, at different speeds and various inclines with a range of difficulties. This will be similar to interval training, which some experts say is much better for improving fitness than plodding along for hours at the same speed. Happily, this type of program can also relieve some of the boredom!

As with most pieces of equipment, your shiny new best treadmill for running should come with a comprehensive manual which will take you through setting it up, and also a description of the various pre-installed exercise routines on it. This is one manual it would be best to read, so that you really can get the maximum benefit.

Feature :

Motor incline– 0-12%
Max user’s weight– 110kg
Color– silver grey/white
DC motor– 2.0hp
Speed range– 1-16km/h
Physical Size– 170 x 81.5 x 148cm
Weight– 87kgs
Type– Electric Treadmill
Material– Steel+electical parts +plastic


PRODUCT DIMENSION: 170 x 81.5 x 148cm
PACKING: 1piece one carton box
N.W.: 78kgs
G.W.: 87kgs
CARTON DIMENSION: 192 x 86 x 33cm
CONTAINER LOAD FACTOR: 20FT:52pcs/40GP:107pcs /40HQ:127pcs