OMA-1395CA Starlet-2

৳ 45,000.00 ৳ 39,990.00

Products Brand Name : OMA
Model Number : 1395CA Starlet-2
Manufacturing Country : China
Shipping : Free
Installation Charge : Free
Servicing Warranty : 2 Years

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OMA-1395CA Starlet-2 Motorized Treadmill Bangladesh

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One of the neat advantages of owning your own treadmill is that it is set up and ready to use in your home any time you feel like it. Many people start each day with a good 20 minute workout and they feel energized for the day. Some treadmills even include lots of bells and whistles such as showing the number of calories burned and what distance you have run.

How would you like to lose some weight, tone your muscles, and gain better health? You can achieve all those goals by setting up your own daily regiment for a treadmill, setting aside the time that fits your schedule. For those people that work at home a treadmill an ideal way of getting some exercise and a break from your computer work.

People that sit continuously all day long have more neck and back problems and even feel stiff and lethargic. Scheduling a couple of breaks to get on the treadmill is a great pick-me-up and burns calories at the same time.  Walking, running or jogging several times a week for 20 minutes at a time is a wonderful way to boost your metabolism and burn calories quicker.


Motorized Treadmill Price in Bangladesh

You have probably used every excuse in the world not to exercise, but it is time to spring for a Motorized Treadmill. They really do not cost that much if you shop around online, you can look at a great many brands and motorized treadmill price in Bangladesh. When shopping online you can do it at your leisure and take the time to study the models and features. After you have found a couple of motorized treadmill Bangladesh, go out to the stores and try them out. That is the best way to determine if it meets your needs and is well constructed.

Feel better, look better, and stay in shape with a motorized treadmill! What an excellent way to lose weight and build up muscle tone in the comfort and privacy of your own home

Feature of OMA-1395CA Starlet-2 :

  • Motor Incline : 0-12%
  • Max user’s weight : 110kg
  • Color silver grey/white
  • DC motor : 1.5 HP
  • Speed range : 1-13 km/h
  • Physical Size 159 x 71.5 x 126.5cm
  • Weight : 60KG
  • Type : Electric Treadmill
  • Material : Steel+electical parts +plastic