Magnetic Bike

৳ 16,000.00 ৳ 13,490.00


Flywheel    :  5kgs
Brake         : Magnetic
Monitor     : Time, Speed, Dist, Cal, Pulse, Scan, Odo
G.W./N.W.: 24.6/21.7kgs
Packing      : 865x255x565mm
Settings     : Saddle-vertical & horizontal adjustable Handlebar-fixed

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Magnetic Cycle Exercise Bike Bangladesh

Many people have always had a difficult time buying these magnetic cycle exercise bike of Upright. Buy cycling machine online whenever they are looking for the best quality. When you do know the features during your purchase from the market. For one to engage the lungs and the heart, it is important to be involved in cardiovascular acts. When one rides an exercising bike, he/she will not just increase in heath related to the cardiovascular but will also increase in the strength of the muscles, burn the calories and even improve on endurance. At times, one can purchase the best bike by having a less than a year membership at a gym.

Cycling Machine Online

The most ultimate question but still a difficult one to answer is; which is the right cycling machine online for me? All the exercising bike have their advantages and disadvantages. However, it is very important to know how each one of these exercising bikes work since this information will be useful in determining the best fit that is required.


In case one is after gaining muscles and keeping a body that has been toned, and then resistance would be best in allowing them to increase on tension even challenge their muscles. This, therefore, leads to a gain in the muscles. To enhance on the workout as one continues to advance, the resistance levels needs to be availed. Resistance should be of less concern to those who are simply after improving on their cardiovascular body health.


To bike using a much more advanced program or even statistics, it is important to make use of the LCD screens that are on the computers’ board. There are various models that would allow their users to make adjustments to the settings of a program and in most cases select from the workouts that been previously set. Most of these types of models are those that are at higher price levels.


If one is not planning to leave their exercise bikes outside or they live in an apartment, then they would really have to consider their storage choices before they can purchase the cycling machine online in Bangladesh. If there is an issue concerning the storage, then an exercise bike that folds would be the best option and even serve the best? These types of models are found in almost all price ranges.

Magnetic cycle price

The price for these magnetic cycle exercise bike ranges from those that are very affordable. Those that are of a higher price in most cases come having an advance in their functionality. In most cases, they are mainly used for commercial reasons.

Limit on the weight

The issue on the weights’ limit can in most cases is exceeded. However, this will not mean that it still cannot be put into consideration. Before anyone decides to purchase an exercising bike, they are advised to make sure that their current weight does not exude the limit of the bike.

Final Thought

Before any purchases are done on the magnetic cycle exercise bike, it is important first to make reviews and consultations about them. Reviews would help a potential buyer to know what was liked and what was disliked by those who had bought the model earlier. It is, therefore, important to always check the reviews before any purchases. Problems that have been noted to be frequent can be useful to eliminate any potential future problem.