Magic Bullet Blender Machine

৳ 2,990.00

  • High Torque Power Base.
  • Stainless Steel Cross Blade.
  • Tall Cup.
  • Short Cup.
  • Handled Smoothie Mug.
  • Comfort Lip Rings.
  • Stay-Fresh Re-Sealable Lid.
  • Steamer/Shake Lid.
  • Flip Top Lid for on the go.



Magic Bullet Blender Machine Price in Bangladesh

Are you looking for magic bullet blender machine price in Bangladesh? A labor saving and much smarter magic bullet blender are now available in our country. Magic Bullet Blender is an ultimate solution that is developed to ease your work. They are unlike the heavy blender machines and other food processors that we used for particular recipes. It is easy to handle and consumes less than 10 seconds to perform its task. It is faster than other blenders and you can put it to work anytime and every day. It is an effective replacement of many other appliances.

Why Magic Bullet Buy Online

Magic bullet blender machine price in Bangladesh very affordable for consumers. You can magic bullet buy online at best prices. That is a smart and efficient blender designed by Homeland House-wares. It is manufactured in order to replace with other electric appliances in your kitchen such as electric juicer, chopper, food processor, etc. Most of the blenders are too bulky to be used for daily small tasks, but this blender occupies less space and its light weight machinery makes it convenient to move it anywhere. It is the fastest electric appliance in your entire kitchen which performs multiple tasks within 10 seconds.

It’s one touch blending feature allows you to prepare many dishes by pressing a single button. You can chop onions, mix smoothies and cocktails, crush ice, grind shakes and coffee beans, grate cheese within few seconds with this super-efficient Magic blender. As it is obvious from its name, it works at the speed of a bullet adding extreme comfort to your life.

Magic Bullet Fruit Juice Maker Machine

Magic Bullet Blender fruit juice maker is a juicer machine for people who want to eat fresh, delicious, wholesome drink food. Juice is an important element of your healthy lifestyle. Drinking juice is a great way to load up on the live nutrients of vegetables and fruits. To get you started making juice, you need to magic bullet buy online. Magic Bullet Blender is incredible juice maker multiple kitchen appliances. Magic Bullet Blender is so easy to operate and has no buttons to push. Just plug in the Bullet, place one of Cups or Mugs onto the High-Torque Power Base.

Make guacamole, salsa or chicken salad in only 5 seconds and Whip up milk shakes and smoothies in only 7 seconds. This Juice maker mixes up drinks in 10 seconds.  21-piece Magic Bullet set comes with everything you need to serve fast, fun and yummy refreshments.

Attachments Included With Best Blender in Bangladesh

It is consisting of an electrical blender base with several attachments that are given below:

  • One or more cross blades that are used for chopping and crushing purposes.
  • It includes two cups, one is short and other is long for mixing.
  • Party mugs are attached. They are handled cups, especially designed for blending drinks.
  • The Lids of the cups are also adjusted in the case of storing any item.
  • The Instruction manual is also available along with some fine recipes.

They can be purchased on demand. They include:

  • A flat blade that is used for chopping hard food and also for whipping.
  • Perforated lids can also be purchased for ventilating food stuff in micro-ovens.
  • Full size pitcher.
  • Manual juice extractor.

Product Features:

This smart blender surely meets your all requirements. It works tremendously and consumes less time. The product features are as follows:

  • Appliance capabilities include grinding, mixing, smoothing, blending, grating, chopping, whipping etc.
  • Stainless and sharp steel blades.
  • The wattage output of the blender is 250 Watts.
  • Recipe book and guidance manual is also included.
  • Safe for dish washing purpose.
  • Unique bullet shaped design and works as fast as a bullet.
  • High-torque power base.
  • 1 year limited warranty.
  • Completely safe for microwave.

Now home cocktails, smoothies, frozen drinks are no more a trouble due to this efficient blender. It is like a breeze to prepare tempting food items right at your home within few seconds. This set includes everything you need to dish up fast.

Yummy munchies, summer BBQ’s, cocktail parties and dinners have become much simpler than before with this supernatural blender. You can serve up yummy dishes and party dips like salsa, frozen margaritas, refreshing pina coladas, and appealing pasta sauces, desserts like chocolate and fluffy mousse or frosty shakes. All with a single Magic Bullet Blender that truly renders it’s magic in our lives.

Directions for Use:

The appliance is used when a desired cup is attached to the fixed blade and is mounted on top of the base of the blender. The motor inside the base tends to rotate the blade. The blade spins when pressure is applied on top of the unit. Turn the cup to lock so that it continues to spin unless it is disengaged. There is no complicated design to learn from the manual and neither buttons to press. As long you will hold it down, it will continue its Magic operation.