Keda Lady Shaver

৳ 1,500.00 ৳ 1,190.00

What you get with Package :

Rechargeable Epilator
Epilator Head Attachment
Shaver Head Attachmen
Power Adapter
Storage Bag
Epilator Cleaning Brush
Epilator Cover
English Instruction Manual

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Epilator in Bangladesh

There’s a huge range of epilator in Bangladesh to buy these days from Online stores and the come as corded, rechargeable and battery operated models. Using an epilator will leave the surface of your skin feeling very smooth to the touch and is a much quicker way of removing unwanted hair than resorting to a pair of tweezers.

Keda lady shaver differs from an epilator in that it merely shaves the hairs down to skin level so it needs to be used more regularly than an epilator as new growth will appear quicker.
The Keds lady shaver, hair removal machine in Bangladesh are excellent for getting rid of the legs, arms and other body hair quickly, unlike other popular hair removal processes which can take longer including tweezing, waxing, sugaring and threading.

Hair Removal Machine in Bangladesh

Shaving is the most popular process, but hair will normally grow back within two to four days.
Many people can use a hair removal machine and feel no pain at all but others choose to have the body area waxed professionally beforehand and then use an epilator to substantially reduce regrowth of hair.
The first epilator – the Epilady – was released in 1986 in Israel and operated with a coil spring system which rotated when the device’s motor was running. More modern epilators operate with a series of rotating metal discs instead of springs. You can buy now Keda hair removal machine Bangladesh.

Many battery-powered lady shavers can be used in the shower for wet shaving as well as for standard dry shaving. Remington has a rechargeable lady shaver range which is perfect for using in wet and dry conditions.

Hair Removal Machine Price in Bangladesh

Check hair removal machine price in Bangladesh for ladies and teenage girls to get rid of unwanted body hair. We bring you most leading brand names of Keda whether you’re looking for a cheap of more expensive luxury lady shaver. We’re sure to have something that suits your budget. This Epilator in Bangladesh remove cells from the epithelium in the epidermis layer of the skin.