Jaipan Best Electric Roti Maker

৳ 3,500.00 ৳ 2,990.00

Brand : Jaipan
Roti/Tortilla Size : 5 inch
Material : Stainless Steel

  • Electric
  • Handle to Press the Plates Together
  • Mains Cord
  • Grid Non Stick Surface

Weight : 3 kg,  Height : 9 cm, Width : 9 cm, Depth : 9 cm


Jaipan Best Roti Maker Machine

Roti Maker is an electronic machine used for making chapattis. The best rate maker machine makes rolling chapattis easier than ever before. It allows you to make thin and perfectly circular chapattis with minimum effort. Roti-maker has made roti making so simple. Anybody can simply use this amazing roti making technology.

There are lots of leading brands of roti makers available in the market. Nowadays, after the advent of the Internet, lots of online stores sell the latest models of roti makers online. Due to this, it will be somewhat difficult to choose the right appliance that best suits your requirements. Earlier than buying a roti maker, it is necessary to know the basic information about the appliance. Here is some useful information about roti maker buy online and the ways to choose the right roti maker that will make the job easy and quick.

Jaipan Roti Maker Price in Bangladesh

Compare jaipan roti maker price in Bangladesh with others on the market. You can buy the best roti maker machine at reasonable prices. The Roti maker is a simple appliance that converts the dough ball into smooth roti’s. You just have to put the ball of dough in it and press the lever of the appliance. Due to the applied pressure, the roti will get a circular form. The cooking of the dough starts due to the generation of heat by the plates of the appliance. Thus, a simple system makes them an immense machine. Moreover, you can also prepare roti, using the appliance without pressing the handle of the appliance by keeping it open.

Features Best Roti Maker

The griddle is a component of the roti maker, which is supposed to be made of artificial aluminum to let the distribution of even heat. It is supposed to contain a non-stick surface. Usually, an 8-inch griddle will carry out the job of making paratha or roti. The griddle also comes in different sizes. Through a typical 10-inch griddle, you will be capable of making a Punjabi style Paratha.

Indicator light

All the power driven roti makers are available with an indicator light, which allows the cook to know when the griddle is adequately hot to cook. As several existing brands do not contain this facility, it is always better to choose a roti maker with this function. Moreover, the indicator light is fixed in the appliance to stay away from any unforeseen accidents and to keep away from getting hot burn wounds.

Normally, the manufacturers of electrical roti makers will state the power, consumed by the appliance in terms of wattage. However, it is a worthless specification because you need only the temperature specification of the cooking surface, which is supposed to be capable of attaining 425 degrees Fahrenheit. The power of the appliance counts on many factors, according to the griddle size and the materials employed to construct the griddle. Usually, for a typical 10-inch griddle, you will require a power of 750 Watts, designed for the griddle and 250 watts, intended for the cover.
However, cooking a roti or chapatti by means of a roti maker requires a bit practice. You will be required to make the dough by way of adding a bit extra water, or else, the roti will come out desiccated. The appliance’s griddle and the cover have to be non-stick. To avoid sticking of the dough, you can wipe them by means of cooking oil.


Roti making is very easy to use. Follow the following simple steps and you will be done with it.
· Take dough and Place it at the upper edge of the lower base of the roti maker.
· Now close the lid and press the dough.
· Allows that to cook for 20 seconds and turn it to the other side.
· No open it.
· You will see fluffy roti ready to eat now.