Instyler Hair Straightener

৳ 2,000.00 ৳ 1,290.00

  • Styles the best way ever
  • Adds volume and shine to your hair
  • Instyler Provides salon quality results with 210°C ceramic heat
  • Has got heat adjustment modes for every kind of hair
  • Not only styles, but also polishes your hair for that perfect look
  • Smoothes hair without crushing or Flattening
  • Special rotating design minimizes Heat to Reduce Frizz & Damage
  • 2 rows of self-gripping teeth at top and bottom for added stability.
  • Instyler makes an unlimited number of hair styles.
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Instyler Hair Straightener in Bangladesh

Instyler hair straightener is a fabulous rotating iron that helps in straightening, curling and styling your hair. The most amazing part of the hair instyler is its rotating hot iron that works better than any other such products available in the market. It is one of the best styling tools and is easy to use. It’s not just styles your hair, but adds volume right from the roots of your hair. Add fullness to your hair with Instyler the amazing hair styling tool for your daily life.

Hair Straightener Price in Bangladesh

Currently, the company has a promotion where you can find hair straightener price in Bangladesh. You can choose any color combinations and barrel widths that you wish. And right now, hair straightener price in BD just BDT 1290, plus free home delivery.

If you find that the styling tool isn’t right for you, simply return the product without any further obligations. To take advantage of this offer.

Why Instyler hair curl machine

The InStyler is a hair styling tool that heats up fast to straighten, curl, flip, all while adding volume and shine to your hair. The InStyler consists of a rotating barrel on one side and four rows of aligned bristles on the opposite side.

When the two sides meet, the bristles even out the sections of your hair for equal heat distribution, while the heated rotating barrel adds shine and style to the hair at the same time. The InStyler comes in two different models. The original model consists of a 1-1/4 inch brush and barrel, and the new smaller model is 3/4 inch brush and barrel.

Both models are available in three color choices which are Classic Silver, Pretty and Pink, or Sugar Plum. With each hair styling tool that’s purchased, a number of accessories are included such as a 3-in-1 styling comb, thermal shield training aids, and an all-purpose heat-resistant travel bag, which is perfect for easy transportation of your hair styling tools and accessories.

What will Instyler hair curl machine do for you?

Once you get the product at home, it is easy to get started using this styling tool. It is a good idea to read the manual that comes with it prior to the first use. Make sure to use the styling tool on dry hair. Hair is most fragile when it’s wet, so it is necessary to use heat tools on dry hair to reduce damage.

Unless, you purchase the Wet 2 Dry version where it is meant to be used on wet hair, you should only use it on dry hair. If you so desire, you can spray your hair with a thermal spray to protect it from the heat, but it’s not required. To use the product you simply plug it into an electrical outlet and turn it on. Start at the lowest heat setting unless your hair is thick and coarse.

Allow the styling tool to heat up for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. While the tool is heating up, take a section of hair that you’re going to be straightened or curling. You will want to clip up the rest of the hair. The InStyler can be used on all different hair types. It doesn’t matter if your hair is short, long, thin, thick, fine, or coarse, this hair styling tool will work for you.

For short hair styles, use the styling tool to add height and volume at the crown area for that desired bump look. For long hair, use the styling tool to straighten or add soft curls to your hair & For coarse hair that can be unruly, use the tool as a straightener for a smooth, sleek hairstyle.

If you choose, you can run a comb through the sectioned hair prior to running the styling tool through. It’s not necessary though. Grab the section of hair that’s ready to be styled with the iron. To smooth out the root area, clamp the iron closed so the barrel starts rotating and place against the hair, being careful not to touch the scalp.

Next, place the sectioned hair between the metal barrel and the bristled plate. Hold the handle only to avoid getting burned. Slowly guide the styling tool down the length of the hair. Repeat the same steps on the remaining sections of the hair. To curl hair using this product, keep the barrel and bristled plate apart.

Take the section of hair and twirl it around the metal barrel keeping a little piece of hair to hold onto while it’s being curled. Once it has been placed around the barrel, clamp the bristled plate down to activate the movement.

Keep it on the barrel for a few seconds and release. A springy curl should be the result. You can choose to keep springy curls or finger through them to create softer curls.

What Are The Pros To Using This Styling Tool?

There are many advantages to this hair styling tool. It’s a versatile styling tool that can be used on just about any hair length and hair texture. One tool can perform a variety of hair styles such as:

  • Taking curly, unruly, or frizzy hair smooth, sleek, and manageable hair
  • Adds volume to short hair styles or to limp hair
  • Takes straight hair and transforms it to springy, curly hair or hair with soft waves
  • Adds smoothness, shine, and polishes all hair types

Another advantage of this styling tool is the cost. Since one styling tool creates a variety of styles, it eliminates the need to purchase many different styling tools. It’s well constructed to last a user many years.

Another positive of using this styling tool is that it saves time. Depending how thick and long your hair is, this tool can significantly cut down on the styling time. To achieve your desired outcome, it generally takes just one pass of the iron to create the look you’re looking for. So you don’t stand there going over the same section of hair numerous times to get your desired hair style.