Fix It Pro

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Fix It Pro, the Instant Scratch Remover can remove car dings, scratches and nicks on the surface of the car. It comes in the form of a handy pen. The tip of the pen contains a revolutionary clear resin or coat that can fill in the scratch and an UV hardener to cure it in natural sunlight. Just outline or trace the line of the scratch with the pen, and it will disappear instantly like magic.


Fix It Pro Best Car deep Scratch Remover Pen in Bangladesh

Scratches on the surface of the car are considered such an abomination on the beauty of the car. They steal away the inherent beauty of the vehicle. And removing them is such a hassle and expensive, too. But with Fix It, the best car deep scratch remover can be removed instantly and easily. It is like magic, the scratches will disappear right before your eyes without ever using sanding tools or hard labor.

How Scratch Remover Pen Works


This scratch remover will save you from car repair fees. No need for expensive visit to the car repair shop. With just a swipe of the magic pen, the nicks and scratches will disappear easily.

Dries up fast

Fix It contains a revolutionary resin that instantly dries up after filling the scratches. No need to wait. After swiping the pen, you can immediately take the car for a ride.


No need to visit the car repair shop. No need to use sanding tools or hard labor. Just use the pen and the scratch will disappear evenly, leaving no trail.

Odorless and clear

Fix It will not leave any residue on the surface of your car. It will look as though you have never scratched your car in the first place. And you will never bother about any chemical smell, because it is odorless.

Permanent fix

Once you applied Fix It on the surface of your car, the scratches or nicks will disappear forever. No need to reapply it again. Once is enough.

Perfect color match

Whatever color your car has, it would not matter. Fix It can blend with any color for a perfect match.

Water resistant

The coat will stick on the surface of your car and fill the scratch for a long period of time. It can stand moisture and water. It can’t be wiped away that easily.


The revolutionary coat or resin used for this scratch remover is made from non-toxic substances.

How to use car scratch remover pen

Step 1: Press the pen on the surface of the car and outline the scratch. The coat easily dries up, so you better do it fast, and do it under the shade.

Step 2:   After you have completely lined the scratch, use a towel to wipe the excess to avoid smearing.

Step 3: Then, leave it to dry and cure in natural sunlight with the help of UV hardener that is in the resin of the pen.