Cross Trainer

৳ 35,000.00 ৳ 26,990.00

Model       :  EFIT 452EA
Flywheel  :   6kgs
Brake       :   Magnetic
Monitor   :   Time, Speed, Dist, Cal, Pulse, Scan, Odo
Settings   :   Saddle-vertical & horizontal adjustable
N.W.         :   45.4/40kgs
Packing   :   1030x455x580mm

  • Tension controller-8 levels
  • Handgrip pulse
  • Large non-skid pedals
  • Wheels for easy transportation




Buy Cross Trainer Online

New, buy cross trainer online at Asian Sky shop BD! Head over to our online store to find out all about it includes an extensive list of features which gives you a detailed explanation of the cross trainer and its abilities. It also details the best cross trainers for men warranty information and the latest offers regarding this magnificent machine. Designed and built jointly by expert engineers and physical therapists, the cross trainer online gives you the benefit of an excellent workout.

Take advantage of the buy cross trainer online large 20″ stride length and heavy 6kgs flywheel giving you an extremely smooth workout, without the awkward feeling that so many other elliptical very much have. Cross trainer elliptical training machine gives you the ability to set the workout resistance level to one of 16 different resistances and only with a push of a button!

The drive is so silent, we call it the “whisper silent drive”. This gives you a massive benefit in that it gives you the option to watch TV at the same time as working out! Why is that a benefit? I hear you ask. Well, recent surveys suggest that watching TV while working out can increase the duration of the workout and therefore, its positive physical effects on your body.

Cross trainer comes built with a power incline feature. With a push of a button, you may set the incline from 0 to 30 degrees! Many people want to build and tone their muscles at the same time and this feature proves over and over again its effectiveness at this. It’s easy, just set the incline to whatever you can handle and away you go!

Want to train endurance and test your fitness? The 452EA comes with an array of heart rate monitoring gear and specialized programs. First, there’s the stationary handlebars. These are built with pulse measuring sensors. Next, there’s the chest strap. This is worn around the torso and plugged directly into the 452EA dashboard. Then finally there is the inbuilt heart rate programs which glue everything together and control your heart rate through the workout. The heart rate programs monitor your heart rate and change the workout resistance level accordingly to give you the desired amount of cardiovascular exercise and preferable results.

If you compare the 452EA with other elliptical on the market, I’m sure you wouldn’t find a better one for the price. All in all, I think you’d be extremely happy with your purchase of the 452EA.

Featured programs of best cross trainers for men & women include:

  • Strength – Increases muscular strength in the lower body. Increases in resistance to a high level and forces a user to sustain it. Strengthens and tones legs and gluts. Can also be used for strengthening upper body, including the arms and shoulders.
  • Hill – The resistance and power incline on the elliptical will steadily increase and then decrease during the program, simulating hill climbs.
  • Intervals – High levels of intensity followed by periods of low intensity. Increases endurance by depleting oxygen levels followed by periods of recovery to replenish oxygen. The cardiovascular system gets programmed to use oxygen more efficiently this way and aids in heart rate recovery from intense activities such as a sprint.
  • Fat Burn – Maximizes the burning of fat. A lower exertion level staying at a steady workload has shown to be the best. Keep heart rate at around 60 % to 70 % of its max HR for best results.
  • Cardio – Increases cardiovascular function and endurance. It will build up heart muscle and increase blood flow and lung capacity. Incorporates a higher level of exertion with slight fluctuations in work.
  • User 1 & 2 – Allows users to program and save their own custom desired workouts, including speed, incline and/or intensity adjustments on elliptical trainers.
  • Heart Rate – A user’s target heart rate will automatically dictate to the machine the speed, incline and/or intensity it needs to operate within in order to maintain the user’s heart rate. The user’s heart rate can be measured in two ways: the wireless telemetry belt, or the stationary handlebars.