How to Choose A Running Machine

When you decide you want to buy running machine, there are three initial questions to take into consideration: firstly, do you have enough space for one? Second, do you want to use it for running or just to do some brisk walking exercise? Third, what is your budget? Ultimately, what you buy will need to balance these factors satisfactorily.

First things first; decide where you will place your running machine, and measure up. Remember that you will need enough space for the treadmill itself, plus extra space around it in order to use it safely. A rough figure to aim for would be approximately 9 ft by 4.5 ft (or 3 x 1.5 meters), although this will be entirely dependent on which brands and models of running machines you are considering. It is advisable to try out several different brands, to find the one that is perfect for you. Do not rush into this as choosing a treadmill is a costly business, and you need to ensure you make the right decision.

If you are looking for buy cheap treadmill and are only really interested in getting some basic exercise through walking, then you might opt for a manual one. There is no motor on these and accordingly they are the cheapest treadmills on sale. Do check that the ones you like are actually sturdy enough to stand up to the exercises you want to do though. The cheap price means they can be rather fragile, and not last very long.

An electronic treadmill online is far better if you are serious about using it for running, but the sky is the limit in terms of price tags. A top of the range version could quite easily set you back $5000, so you will have to think about whether you need all those great features – some even come with built in televisions; do you really need that? Really? So the next tip with the motorized running machines is to find the figure called continuous duty horsepower (chip) – it should be at least 2.5cups, but find the highest of your price range as the higher rated motors tend to last longer.

The next thing to look for – take a tape measure with you if you have to – is the size of the tread area. For running, you’ll want at least 4 ft long by 1.5 ft wide in order to exercise comfortably. Check what the recommended maximum weight is for the particular treadmill you are interested in, and again, go large! It is always best to buy the sturdiest machine available within your budget, so aim for one with a maximum user weight of 300 pounds or more. This will be able to withstand a severe and prolonged pummeling!

The next item on your shopping list should concern actual operation. What is the maximum speed? Aim for a running machine that can top 12mph and you should be fine. If you do have a larger budget and decide you want all the benefits that go along with variable gradient running, then check out all the models that have motorized incline; for a great workout, an incline that goes up to at least 10% is recommended.

A very important aspect when you are choosing a best treadmill for running is to discover how good it is at absorbing shock. The best way is to give it a go! So when you are doing your research at the various sports stores, wear sneakers and loose-fitting jogging pants so you can jump on and try out the goods. You will be the best judge of whether the deck is too spongy or too hard on your joints; if so, move on to the next one. The shock absorbing ability is also an important consideration when you are deciding where to set up the running machine at home. This is especially true if you live in an apartment block and there are other people living below! An ideal amount of cushioning will protect your knee and ankle joints from impact injuries, as well as protecting you from irate neighbors.

At this point, you might have whittled down a very long list and produced a short list of possible ones to buy. Now it is time to look for the extra features. How about the digital display and the pre-installed exercise programs? Is there a good range of useful data, including distance, time and speed? Don’t worry too much about calories as everyone burns those at different rates anyway, so the number will only be a rough guess. Same with the heart rate monitor; if you already have one because you also run outdoors, don’t get suckered into paying extra just to have one built into the treadmill running machine. What you will most certainly need on the display panel is a big red emergency stop button, in case you get into difficulties. Amazingly, some models do not have this important safety feature.

Hopefully by now, you will have perhaps a list of two or three running machines which tick all the boxes. It is time to get your haggling head on, and see what can be added to sweeten the deal; think about warranties, free delivery and set up, and anything that a store can offer you to entice you to buy their treadmill rather than a competitor’s. If you are looking for running machine in Bangladesh and quality machines, check out Asian Sky Shop Store, you will be able to find practically brand new treadmills on sale in whole years, as people’s New Year’s Resolutions bite the dust – but on the bright side, you get a brand new treadmill at sale prices!