Choose the Right Straightening Iron for Your Hair

If you are looking for the best rated flat iron, certain things should be considered before buying. First of all, you need to realize that flat iron is nothing like a curling iron. Most people confuse this product with a curling iron or motorized brush tools. The word flat is used for flat heating plates. The main purpose of any professional hair straightener is flattening of hair follicles. You can give any shape to the flattened follicles. Straight strands of tighter curls, everything, is possible with best Hair hair styling tools.

To get the Best Hair Straightener, you must determine your hair texture precisely. When you have a hundred choices, you cannot afford to buy a wrong flat iron. Please check out following factors, after reading this section, you can discover best rated flat iron for yourself!

Hair Types:

Pick any guide on hair straightener reviews; you will find hair type as the most important factor. Just think about it, hair is the thing on which Hair Straightening Flat iron will be used. Here are the various types of hair textures:

Thick Curly Or Coarse Hair:

This is the most stubborn hair type. If you own this texture, you might need a mighty good flat iron. Thick and curly hair demand ultra-high temperature with heat protection. Obviously, you don’t want to burn your hair. So, make sure that iron features ionic and infrared technology. The temperature range should be 300 – 400 degrees. Titanium hair straightener works best for such hair texture!


Next factor is the width of heating plates. Best Hair curl machine can be divided into two main categories. First, one involves thin heating plates. With such hair straightening iron, you can do multiple styling. You can create fine strands and curly hair styles without using a curling iron. The second one owns larger heating plates. This professional hair straightener is ideal for long and thick hair. Most of the time, stylists use it for straightening. But you can create wavy hair styles too!


The most significant component of any Hair Straightener is heating paddles. In the market, different types of heating materials are available. We have explained each heating material with its properties. You may choose the best heating material, suitable for your hair texture:

Basic Flat Irons:
If you want the best affordable flat iron, this category is for you. Basic flat irons feature best cheap flat iron with metallic heating plates. It contains few heat settings, poor quality heating, and limited features. Most people do not prefer this iron!

Ceramic hair straightener is the first choice of stylists and manufacturers. Ceramic is the affordable heating material, but with superb functionality. It is famous for instant heat generation with uniform distribution. You can find best ceramic flat iron easily into your budget!

Tourmaline hair straightener is the perfect solution to frizzy hair. Tourmaline gives strength to the ceramic. Due to a smooth finish, it helps the iron glide easily through the hair. When we say tourmaline flat iron, it means healthier and shinier hair at an affordable price!

Top rated hair straighteners always have the feature of ionic technology. What is ionic technology? It is the most advanced hair care solution. In this technology, negative ions remove the positive static charge from the hair. It also locks that natural moisture of hair to retain natural luster. The professional hair stylists always prefer ionic Best Hair Straightener!

Price :

Hair straighteners price varies on different sizes & specifications that difficult to decide which one is right for you. You can choose any color combinations and barrel widths that you wish. Hair straightener price in Bangladesh starts as low as BDT 1,000 and go up to over BDT 5,000.

The above-cited factors are closely related to hair texture. It means the thicker and curly hair demands high-temperature range and most advanced features. Fine and straight hair can be flattened on lower temperature ranges. Getting the high quality, best flat iron is not the solution. The iron must be compatible with your hair texture. Otherwise, it is a waste of your money!