Celebrate Every Day With Your Personal Magic Bullet Blender

Blender Attachments and Replacement Parts:
This electric blender consists of a base which supports the entire attachments. The electric base is considered as a heart of this blender. Following are some major attachments along with their functionality.
· Tall Cup and Short Cup:
They are meant to preserve your ingredients. They are also used for mixing and cooking and completely safe for microwave use.
· Party Mugs with Lip Rings:
These mugs convert your blender into the party machine. It is used to prepare drinks and you can also serve frozen drinks in the same mugs. It is provided with colorful lip rings so that the threads can be separated out easily and you can identify that whose drink is whose.
Top Lids:
These lids are available to cover your drinks so that you can easily take them anywhere like gym, park etc.
Flat Blades:
They are used for flogging cream and grinding stiff ingredients like coffee beans. It is utterly safe for dish washing.
Cross Blades :
These sharp blades are designed for blending, chopping, grating food such as cheese, drinks, onions, etc. A plastic gasket is fixed at the base of the blades for an airtight fit with the cups and other attachments.
Magic bullet pitcher:
If you are trying something for the entire family, then you do not need to use another blender. Magic bullet pitcher allows you to prepare family drink saving your cabinet and counter place.
Steamer Tops:
They are designed for steaming food in microwave oven. It is used to steam coarse ingredients like cheese with the help of its large holes.
Re-sealable Lids:
There is no need of any storage container or plastic wrap to keep your leftovers fresh. These re-sealable lids preserve your food in the same container and maintain its freshness even for days.
These were some essential attachments which come along the blender when you magic bullet buy online. These parts can be replaced within the warranty period and can be purchased afterwards from the market. Nothing could be easier than this robust blender. Magic Bullet blender with its efficient accessories has become a great addiction to all kitchens and is proven to be the most versatile food processor. Check out the blender machine price in Bangladesh