Caboki vs Nanogen

Application: Caboki and Nanogen are applied in the exact same way by holding the bottle at an angle close to the scalp and letting the Hair Building fibers fall into your thinning areas. With both products you have to lightly comb or tap your hair to disperse the fibers for a more natural look. I did notice when using Nanogen that I used less product than Caboki to obtain the same amount of coverage.

Appearance: The first thing I noticed is that the Nanogen fibers are finer and less clumpy than Caboki fibers. This is due to the fact that Caboki is made from a variety of cotton and Nanogen is made of Keratin (the natural substance in your hair is made of)
To my surprise, I noticed immediately that the Nanogen fibers were giving me a noticeably fuller look to my hair and less seemed to be accumulating on my scalp. Obtaining a natural look at the front hairline is where most hair loss concealers fall short. If it doesn’t blend well it can look like you have dirt in your hair and can appear very unnatural.
Caboki and Nanogen do a good job of this after a bit of practice, although I will give Nanogen a slight advantage as my hair did look fuller and more natural in the front hairline and took less time to apply.

Durability: The main reason I had been using Caboki as my product of choice was due to the fact that it bonded to my hair slightly better than other products. Having said that Nanogen does an equally good job. I do recommend using hair spray with both products after application as it does lock the fibers into your hair more effectively. This will reduce smudging and leaving traces of fibers on pillows, etc when sleeping or leaning against things.

Resistance to water: I recently brought a hot tub and had a few friends around for a surprise party for my girlfriend’s birthday.. After a few drinks (well, maybe more than just a few) it got kind of rowdy and I found myself being dunked under water in the hot tub. I laughed it off, but felt very self-concuss even though I was feeling tipsy. None of my friends knew I had thinning hair and I hadn’t tested Nanogen in the water yet. I took off to the bathroom at the first chance I had and was pleasantly surprised that none of my scalp was showing. I was also able to lightly run my fingers through my hair with virtually no hair fibers coming off in my hands.

I must say that I have been proven wrong. I have been blown away by how well Nanogen gives the appearance of a fuller head of hair than Caboki and its ability to stay in your hair better in water. Until something better comes along I will be using best hair building fibers Nanogen as part of my daily routine from now on.

Caboki vs Toppik

I have been using hair loss concealer products for 12 years now and have used Caboki and Toppik extensively. Out of several products that claim to eliminate the appearance of baldness I can say without about these two products have worked best for me. Both products work in a similar way by adding hair building fibers to your existing hair, although there are differences between them that favor one over the other.
Durability: I have used both products in extreme conditions that include heavy wind, rain and swimming. I noticed that the Caboki fibers stay in place better. The Toppik fibers tend to come off when you rub your hair against your pillow, clothes and pretty much anything that you lean against compared to very little or none of the Caboki fibers. In heavy rain or when swimming both will stay in your hair as long as you don’t dry it with a towel or keep running your fingers through it.

Application: Both products are applied in the same way. You can adjust the tilt to increase or decrease the amount of hair fibers coming out of the container. I have found that the closer you hold the container to the scalp the better so you don’t get unwanted fibers on your clothes. I tend not to use any hair spray with Caboki because it bonds well enough on its own. When using tapes, I always use Hairspray to avoid it rubbing off.

Packaging: I must say that I was impressed with the packaging from Caboki. Their product comes in an attractive box that has step by step instructions that include graphics on how to apply the product. The plastic container where the fibers are kept is see through, which makes it easier to see how much of the product you have used. Toppik comes in a brown plastic container that you have to pry the top off to see the fibers inside. It’s quite hard to remove and I have spilt the contents all over the floor on a few occasions.

So I give the edge to buy hair building fiber Caboki and I use it exclusively now. Mainly because it stays in your hair better and is more durable.