A Guidance To Use Magic Bullet Blenders

Magic bullet is best blender machine entirely a new concept specifically designed to reduce labor. Other food processors and juicers are so unwieldy that we use such machines on special occasions or twice a month. It is not in the case of this Magic machine. In fact, it is so easy to handle that you would use it every day without fussing around. It hardly takes 10 seconds to accomplish any task, whether it is about chopping, mixing, grinding and much more. In a nutshell, it saves your time and effort as well.

In this article we will highlight that how to use magic bullet blender. There are no complicated buttons to deal or lengthy manuals to read. You just need to place the attachments on the power base of the blender and press it. As long you will hold, it continues to perform the operation.
The secret to its Magic speed is its sharp blades and its bullet shaped design which mechanically circulates all the stuff back to the cyclonic cutting region. It works with extreme energy that it hardly consumes few seconds to prepare your item.

Basic Steps:

There are basic steps to follow for any kind of recipe. They are:
Load your food stuff into cups either small, tall or party mugs.
Fix the mug over flat or cross blade by twisting it until it fits tightly.
Now place the blender on the electric base.
Apply some pressure and press the top of the mug to turn it ON.
Hold it until the chopping or mixing is done properly. Simply let it go when you want to stop the blade.
To make it a hand free operation, twist the cup gently in a clockwise direction until it gets locked under the lip of the base. In this way the machine runs continuously without operating it manually.

When you need to stop the machine, turn the cup in a counterclockwise direction and detach it from the base. If you are blending a thicker material then you must use a Shake technique to circulate your thick and hard ingredients evenly.

If you are preparing some chunky or stuff like bean dip, guacamole, egg salad, etc. Then you need to use Pulsing technique. In this technique you need to use both hands, one for tapping the top of the cup so that the material mixes properly. Another hand will be used for applying counter clockwise pressure on the cup.

It is a versatile 26 piece Deluxe set that works as efficiently as a bullet. It is truly a magician which has spread its magic in the world of kitchen. Its multi-functional feature has stolen the attention of many consumers. It is far easier than other complex and heavy machineries. Many people have consumed this product and are very happy with this fastest machine. They serve up more quickly and make tastiest dishes with the help of this blender. A Magic Bullet blender does everything from grating cheese and chopping onions to mixing tempting pasta sauce and refreshing Pina-coladas.